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    About Us
Pepperl+Fuchs develops, manufactures and provides industrial automation products and services for the global automation market and is supported by independent subsidiaries worldwide. Our hazardous location expertise gives us the unique ability to combine a wide range of electronic equipment into system solutions.

These solutions include remote I/O, HART, purging and pressurization, level sensing, corrosion detection, power supplies, signal conditioning and fieldbus interface products.

BebcoEPSExperts in Purge & Pressurization
As a world leader and pioneer of hazardous location equipment for the process automation industry, Pepperl+Fuchs continues to be an active member in standards writing committees that focus on purge/pressurization requirements. Our purging & pressurization systems are used to protect electrical equipment operating in hazardous and non-hazardous areas.

We have been manufacturing purge & pressurization equipment for over 10 years in our ISO9001 registered manufacturing facilities. We offer a wide selection of North American Type X, Y and Z purge products as well as European based Exp systems. Our 3000 purged panel and 4000 series purge systems are certified and approved to international standards.

Global Leaders in Enclosure Protection Systems
Our international headquarters is based in Mannheim, Germany with United States and Asian headquarters located in Twinsburg, OH and Singapore, respectively. Pepperl+Fuchs subsidiaries are in almost every country of the world, enabling us to offer personalized service and solutions for your most demanding hazardous area applications. With our acquisition of Bebco Enclosure Protection Systems Division in 2003, our extensive testing, research and development, Pepperl+Fuchs is committed to excellence in purge and pressurization technology.

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