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    Type Ex Px
For Class I applications this system operates by forcing air or an inert gas through the enclosure for a specified time until all of the hazardous gas has been removed (purging). After purging, a constant pressure with the enclosure is maintained and the equipment with the enclosure can be energized. If pressure in the enclosure drops below its minimun, then power to the enclosure is disengaged and the purging sequence will begin.
  6000 Series    
  4000 Series

Our Pepperl+Fuchs Bebco EPS® 6000 Series Type X/ Ex px purge system is an automatic, complete system that will purge and pressurize the protected enclosure and maintain pressure within an enclosure. General-purpose equipment can be operated within the protected enclosure.

Vents are required for all 6000 Series systems.

  • Suitable for Class I & II, Division 1/Zones 1 & 21 to non-hazardous area applications
  • Enclosure sizes up to 250 cubic ft
  • The Type X / Ex px system conforms to the ATEX, NFPA 496, and ISA 12.4
  • DEMKO, UL, cULus, IEC 61508 SIL 2
Type X / Ex px , Class I & II, Division 1 / Zone 1 & 21 to non-hazardous area applications. ATEX, UL, cUL classified

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