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What is Purge?

Purge / pressurization enclosure protection systems keep general-purpose equipment safe when located in hazardous (classified) areas. BebcoEPS Purge enclosures and accessories offer the safest and most economical means of installing electrical equipment in a hazardous location.

Choose our Purging Systems When:

Technology is on the move. Are your systems adapting?

  • Process control, measuring and recording equipment that was once pneumatic is now typically general purpose electronic equipment.

  • Energy efficient motors and switchgear now use electronic accessories for position, speed or process control. This makes them unsuitable for use in hazardous locations.

  • Equipment such as robotic manipulators, CNCs, batch weigh/count and filling systems, analyzers, programmable controllers and CRT work stations are more common in the industrial environment. Most cannot be economically installed in a hazardous location by using explosion proof enclosures or intrinsic safety barriers, alone.

  • Most modern electronic equipment is expensive and delicate. It requires environmental protection that cannot be provided by explosion proof enclosures or intrinsic safety barriers.
How to Protect Equipment in Hazardous Areas

Explosion Proof Enclosures Explosion Proof Enclosures
Designed to contain an explosion if an electrical device ignites flammable substances within the enclosure...
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Intrinsic Safety Barriers
Intrinsic Safety Barriers are designed to limit the current and voltage conducted through a device's power or signal wiring. This limitation prevents…
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Intrinsic Safety Barrier
Purging & Pressurization Systems
Pepperl+Fuchs BebcoEPS purge/ pressurization units are designed to supply one or more protected enclosures with a clean instrument air or inert gas. This process...
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